I was born to be a WINNER.
The first conviction shall I have as a human child is the belief that I was born to be a winner.I believe that it is impossible God created me to this world, without any reason. No way!There must be a reason, right?

Well, if I ever was born, then I too must dare to die. So, now dead like what I want?
now the choice of me as a human being alive, still breathing, still beredetak heart, left only one option only, is not it? Namely I want to die as what? Want to be remembered as?

Because I believe that I was born to be a winner, it should at least die anyway, I chose as the winner. Winners like what, it’s another matter. The important choice is to return to the Creator as a winner.
Then, having realized that I was born to be a winner, it means I now have to get up from the bed biusnya. Okay, after waking up is not required strength, it takes courage, is required.

It takes courage to step forward. However, how dare if I stay where?
Well I immediately stood up and started walking. The first step, step two and step three, but oh .. oh .. See what’s in front of the street. Ah, I think a little cloudy, a bit dim, slightly curved, somewhat slippery. Um, could be slipping, sliding, bouncing even when in
trip? Yes, it could be.

Instead of just sat there … and maybe slip Stepping is a much better choice! There are lessons in there …
Cook anyway? Is it true that I even learned to slip? Yes, if I could feel the pain of slipping, then definitely I would avoid
the same mistakes. I also will look for other ideas the better, more efficient, more creative, more productive and so on.

The biggest mistake is that I never do anything, not even try it too “not” ever, even thought I was often “designing” your imagination is not necessarily the pain that occurs from an error or mistake in the future. Jeez, horror is not it? Because I designed the fear, so often I just remain silent. But I actually believe that …

“People who dare to rise up and learn from failure is the REAL WINNER”

Huh, not bad motivation of this sentence yes. Strong enough impact to arouse the deepest of me. In this world too many stories of people who have experienced failure and after that no more story. Do I want to be like them? Out sunrise, the clouds got dark and disappeared without a trace? Gone with the wind …

Ah, I can always have a choice. I want to be a winner over myself. Life story that could only be shared is a story
resurrection, not a story of failure. Well, if I never get up, then drop it all my life story.Useless dong I was born. Good,

well and good!, Now I keep in mind I am that I HAVE to get up, whenever I have what is called the other person is a failure. Because I am convinced and believe that …

Whatever I CAN if I want to!
The key is willingness, not ability. People who have the ability, if there is no will, like a living corpse who do not know where he is going. Not different from a wandering life verbose then, no power then, no passion, there is not spirit, not lust deh live like that. This life is a choice, really. I can choose the sad, glad I could choose. I could pick anger and I can choose tenaaang. Well, if …

This life is a choice. I chose to be a happy person ….
I know it’s a choice that is not easy, but I have to start learning courage to choose and decide what direction my life. What a choice

my life? It is I who must determine the direction of the path of my life. I’m the one who determines their dot … dot … Great Color Beep dot dot … dot … Pain … dot … Rays Rays regular or light a BERLIAN? Small shape (hold breath for a moment, then say with strong conviction), but the glare light. Strength of diamond light glare that makes me not be lost.While around me sometimes cloudy, sometimes dim, sometimes dark. Because …

The more I focus on my dreams. The sooner I reach my dreams.

Focus produces great energy, even more and more powerful. Focus makes me excited, energized, sweaty, still hot because it helps me to keep moving. Moving a step, moving away, moving toward the light glare is leading me diamonds. Because the focus, then whatever the situation around me, will not bother me. Was a winding road, I lead …. The road was jammed, I enjoyed … Way too rocky, too kelewati … Roads blocked, beyond my … Because my focus is clear direction, a direction toward the diamond rays, the rays of my life goals … Glare yet beautiful. So, I would never wait for the situation. And you should …

Stop waiting for conditions to improve. DO SOMETHING to improve conditions.

That’s the motto of my life. Many things beyond my ability, state of the universe, the state of the state, the state of society where I was. Why should I focus on something beyond my control. I better focus on something that I can control, is not it? Something that I can reach, something that I can make better. So I thought I better just focus on the work. Yes, work, work and work …
Now that I knew, I woke up, I got up and I work, I focus on my work, then the next …

I studied in earnest. I prayed earnestly.

Next, let God decide.


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